Arnold & Lane - Freak Like That EP

Arnold & Lane

The Play

Your favorite bottom feeders are back with a MONSTER release from LA-natives and label destroyers Arnold & Lane!

Kicking off the EP is the title track "Freak Like That". This bomb rolls out the gate with a wet and squeaky synth build full of ominous chords and ear piercing static. You might be tempted to check your speakers haven't blown before the bassline knocks you off your feet. Stay tuned on this track for catchy vocal lines, vibrant vinyl scratches, and abrupt skrrrttss!

"Wishin" is no doubt a vocal driven track guided by hypnotic, ear bending, and tripped out vocals (Put your headphones on for this one!) This absolute groover is chock full of belting horns and ravey synth stabs that will have you wishin' you could be dancin' every day, every night!

Hopping on remix duties is the NV'd records powerhouse and tech house's favorite foodie, Hot Pot! This skin scalding version of the original flawlessly incorporates elements of the original with off kilter vocal work and reimagined bass lines and synth leads to transform this track into a Bottomfeeder approved certified club snack!

Rounding out this massive EP, we brought Rock Bottom Record label boss Luxo to rework "Wishin" into an underground tech monster. This four-to-the-floor remix is perfect for the late night clubs.

The Artists