Casmalia x Johnny 2 Shots - Cookie Jar


The Play

Your favorite bottom feeders are back to introduce our new and improved label imprint Rock Bottom Records! We wanted to take this opportunity to genuinely thank each and every one of you for your constant support and undying positivity during this transition! We are so grateful for our fan base. You all inspire us to do what we do every day and keep this project running stronger and more creative than ever! Here's to many more years at the Bottom!!!

To celebrate our reemergence onto the scene, we have a very special single to share with you! From the collaborative minds of Rock Bottom day one, Casmalia, and the King of Key West, Johnny 2 Shots, comes "Cookie Jar". We chased this track down for quite a while and are so excited and proud to finally pull it out of the oven! Aside from chocolate chips, this track is chock full of gut busting bass lines, squelching synths, and enough euphemistic sexual innuendos to satiate anyones sweet tooth!

This one has been an absolute staple club snack in our DJ sets and is sure to have the club stopping off at the store to snag a roll of Tollhouse for the ride home! We hope you all enjoy it as much as we have, and we appreciate all your support and would love to see any videos of this getting played out! This shit is DELICIOUS!

The Artists