Eric Mark x Skonka - Malt Liquor EP

Eric Mark

The Play

Run on down to your local liquor store and pick up your preferred malt beverage, because Bottomfeeder Records is at it again with our newest release from the collaborative mind of LA's Eric Mark & Skonka!

'40 Oz' is an ode to forward thinking Los Angeles grime house! Eric Mark & Skonka pop the top with a four on the floor peak time banger chock full of thicc wubs, boozy samples, and a gangster vocal line. Grab your 40 Oz and rinse this one regular!

Grab a roll of duct tape and cancel all your plans today, because this B-Side will have you feelin like you just knocked out back to back games of Edward 40 Hands! "On The Set", is an absolute dancefloor bomb touting a ravey synth break, a rolling low end, and the yungest growls in the game! This one is bound to tear up the set!

As if the original couldn't get any heavier, we brought in the bearded beast, Fantom Freq. Coming in hot off his own collab EP with Eric Mark on Audiophile XXL, and recent releases on Perfect Driver and House of Hustle, Fantom Freq turns it up to 11 with his textbook bass tech spin on this future classic.

While you polish off your bottle of warm Olde English 800, Seattle tech staple and owner of Late Nite Munchies Records, Tony H takes you for a ride with driving bass, precise percussion, and a brain melting acid line.

The Artists