Sour Boys - Piranha EP

Sour Boys

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Our 10th EP feature is one that we hold near to our hearts as it is the Rock Bottom Records debut of LA-based Sour Boys! Close friends and supporters of the label, these day ones are among the top on our list of emerging artists. Sour Boys are sure to make your lips pucker with this release!

Coming straight to your ears from the depths of the Amazon, Sour Boys kick off the EP with the title track "Piranha". Junglistic percussion and a chunky low end coupled with subtle monkey screeches carry this tune from start to finish. Sharpen your teeth and bring a ravenous appetite when playing this for your favorite bottom feeding river dwellers.

Losing one's Juul has become common occurrence that has plagued young men and women for years. Sour Boys clearly address this horrible debacle in "Where's My..." as listeners and club goers alike are presented this age old question. The undeniable relatability of this track to our youth molds it as a timeless classic that is truly the song of our generation.

Giving a shoulder tap to every festival's favorite banana, Sour Boys recruited PVJAMVS to lay it down on "Strung Out". A gut-punching low end and unique percussive stabs prove that this monster track is built to make your teeth grind and your eyes widen.

Between his regularly scheduled appearances on Maury, Not The Father flexes his range as a producer with his dark techno rendition of "Strung Out". The thiccness is real on this one, perfect for late night play at your local warehouse afters. As much as it pains us to disclose this we feel you should know that many Natty Lights were harmed in the making of this track.

Finally, we want to congratulate our remix contest winner Apollo Green for his take on "Stung Out". We received so many fantastic remixes in this contest it was nearly impossible to decide a winner, but the vote to include this absolute sender was unanimous from the Rock Bottom label heads and Sour Boys alike!

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