Verune - Held High EP


The Play

Verune is a producer out of Bellingham, Washington who's no stranger to the music industry. For those who don't know, Verune is the new house alias of Oddlin, who's known for his hip-hop infused beat music.

The title track, "Held High" immediately blipped on our radar. Driven by diverse arpeggios and an unquestionably gangster vocal sample, this track is a sure fire set staple.

The B-Side, entitled "Push It", is a personal favorite for label co-owner Posse Sauce. Verune's exploration of mind bending plucks and atmospheric textures absolutely pushes the boundaries for what we love about experimental tech.

On remix duties, we brought the man Bacosaurus to turn "Held High" into four-to-the-floor stomper. For the final track, No Messin remixed the B-side, "Push It" into a dark and mental minimal tech banger.

The Artists